La Quercia Cured Meats

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Superpowered silkiness

Cured pork jowl lightly spiced with rosemary and peppercorn. High collagen content bestows a silky quality to soups and sauces. Mind-blowing in pasta carbonara. Grind up and add to meatballs or burgers to add tenderness, or slice very thin and drape over pizza. 

  • Sold in chunks (10-12 oz) or bulk (4.5-5 lbs)
  • Made with pork that is raised humanely on family farms without the use of antibiotics.
  • Ingredients: pork, sea salt & spices. No nitrites, nitrates, or substitutes.
  • Iowa crafted.
  • Dry-cured for 2 months Eat with or without cooking.
  • Cube or slice thinly with a sharp chef's knife.

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