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In 2005 we introduced our Prosciutto Americano to widespread acclaim and it is still our most popular creation. Since then we have revolutionized and elevated what the world perceived possible from American cured meats with our Cinta Iowa, Acorn  and Iberico Americano special edition programs.

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How to Slice & Store Our Whole Boneless Hams


1. Remove meat from vacuum package. 

2. If there is any skin still attached, be sure to remove it from the area that you want to slice. Remove twine as needed.

3. Begin slicing the piece starting at the broad hip end—as shown by the lines on the diagram. You can slice almost all the way to the end of the ham. Don’t throw out that end - it can be sliced or diced with a sharp knife for snacking, pasta or pizza!

Thickness: We recommend slices of 1/16” (1 mm) thick or less.


Refrigeration is recommended to retain quality. Once opened, wrap tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate. Air will degrade flavor, so for best results, re-apply vacuum pack. Do not leave open and exposed in a refrigerated case. If mold appears, just wash it off or trim it off with a knife. The remaining meat is safe for consumption.


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