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New TABASCO Collection

Our artisan heritage breed Iberico salami and coppa infused with the classic spicy flavor of TABASCO


our classic board

our classic board

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Exclusive Cinta Iowa

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Prioritizing Sustainability

Based outside of Des Moines, Iowa, La Quercia (pronounced La Kwair-cha) was founded by Herb and Kathy Eckhouse in 2005. Today we are one of the leading producers of artisan American cured meats prioritizing sustainability in all aspects of our business. La Quercia meats are made from non-confinement pork raised humanely without antibiotics.

More About Our Process

The food we eat can delight us each day.

Great food is more than great taste. It is healthful, nutritious, and pleasurable. Great food satisfies the senses and the body, the emotions and the mind. It is part of a responsible food system that sustains not just you but the producers, farmers, artisans, suppliers, restaurants and stores who support their communities and respect the environment.

Great food is made with the highest quality materials, careful adherence to the best of tradition, and the judicious use of modern tools.

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