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Iberico Americano Program

The project began in 2015, when Will Harris of fifth-generation Georgia ranch White Oak Pastures, and Jaime & Kurt Oriol, third generation pig farmers in southwest Spain, teamed up under the name Iberian Pastures. Together, they worked to import 100% purebred Iberico pigs to the US and began raising them in the grasslands of southwest Georgia. 

Iberico pigs have been raised on the Iberian peninsula of Spain for centuries, and Jamon Iberico is beloved throughout the world as a particularly delicious and high quality cured ham.  Now, American-born Iberian pigs roam freely over acres of fields and woods in Georgia. 

The pigs live their entire lives atIberian Pastures, forage on pecans and peanuts, and are pasture raised in accordance with Certified Humane™ standards, with no use of antibiotics or GMO feed.

Iberico breed meat has a beautiful deep red color and abundant marbling that make it a favored ingredient for dry curing. The team at La Quercia transforms this very special purebred pork into Jamon (cured ham) and Paleta (cured shoulder).


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