Cinta hog

These hogs descent from a herd of heritage breed Cinta Senese hogs brought over from Tuscany -- the only herd of these hogs in the US. The project is a partnership between Herb Eckhouse (of La Quercia) and Ken Kehrli, a prominent heritage breed developer and producer in Northeast Iowa. Curly Oak is working to develop this special stock into a unique breed that will thrive in Iowa. This project is very much still in process, but the results so far have been spectacular!


We’ve released two Cinta Iowa cured meats so far, and are also selling the meat fresh to restaurants (get in touch if you’re interested!).  Our Cinta Salami has an unbelievably buttery flavor and creamy mouthfeel. Cinta Prosciutto has a deep red color, beautiful marbling and concentrated flavor.