Tamworth hog in the woods
The most flavorful pork comes from pigs that have had a rich and varied diet—especially when it includes an estimated 60% acorns and wild forage! Acorns have been associated with superior dry cured meat for centuries, and we are proud to be the first to bring this tradition to the United States. 

Tamworth hogs and Russ

These heritage breed Tamworth hogs are pasture-raised in Missouri at the family farm of Russ Kremer and spend their last four months foraging an Ozark Mountain hillside covered with oak and hickory trees. It is the ideal environment for raising happy, healthy, delicious hogs. The forest foraging diet adds a spectacular richness and a creamy texture that will knock your socks off! 

Every fall, we bring the hams to our aging rooms in Iowa and get salting. We cure the prosciutto for a full 2.5-3 years on the bone and are incredibly proud of the results. The dark coral meat is nutty and sweet, with an unexpected depth and meltingly tender texture.