Iberico Paleta

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Iberico Paleta
Iberico Paleta
Iberico Paleta
Iberico Paleta
Iberico Paleta
Iberico Paleta

Pork shoulder, dry-cured in the same way as jamon or prosciutto. Paleta is a bit less rich than jamon, but it is jam-packed with deep meaty flavor. 

Iberico pigs have been raised on the Iberian peninsula of Spain for centuries, and Jamon Iberico is beloved throughout the world as a particularly delicious and high quality cured ham.  Now, American-born Iberian pigs roam freely over acres of fields and woods in Georgia. 

Flavor Profile 

  • Deep meaty flavor, plentiful marbling


  • Purebread Iberico from Iberian Pastures in GA
  • Made with 100% Iberico breed pork
  • These pigs live their entire lives at Iberian Pastures, forage on pecans and peanuts
  • Pasture raised in accordance with Certified Humane standards
  • No use of antibiotics or GMO feed
  • No nitrates or nitrites


  • Front leg/Shoulder


  • Pork, Sea Salt

Aging Time

  • 12-14 Months


  • Charcuterie boards 

Cheese Pairing

  • Sheep's milk cheeses (young or aged)

Beverage Pairing

  • Hard Cider
  • Lager beers


  • Shelf-stable, store in a cool dry place or refrigerate once delivered
  • Once opened refrigerate