Tamworth Prosciutto

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Tamworth Prosciutto
Tamworth Prosciutto
Tamworth Prosciutto
Tamworth Prosciutto

We source our heritage-breed Tamworth pork from the family farms of Russ Kremer and three other farmers in Osage County, Missouri. This group raises their animals in pasture-based systems, on the hillsides of the Ozark Mountains. 

Flavor Profile 

  • Sweet, nutty, meaty, with caramel tones


  • Minimum 75% Tamworth heritage breed
  • Tamworth "threatened" breed, rated 
  • antibiotic free, vegetarian fed, family farm raised

Name of Cut

  • Ham


  • Pork, Sea Salt

Aging Time

  • 10-12 Months


  • Savor by itself
  • Charcuterie boards
  • Sandwich with butter
  • Wrap asparagus or fruit, especially figs

Cheese Pairing

  • Parmigiano, Piave Vecchio, Ascutney Mountain (Cobb Hill Creamery, VT)

Beverage Pairing

  • Champagne, dry Alsatian white