Smoked Pancetta, Ends & Pieces

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Smoked Pancetta, Ends & Pieces
Smoked Pancetta, Ends & Pieces
Smoked Pancetta, Ends & Pieces
Smoked Pancetta, Ends & Pieces

This is bacon like you've never tasted it before: delicately savory with a melt-in-your-mouth texture when crisped. The heritage Tamworth breed is known for its succulent belly meat and sweet nutty flavor—our smoked pancetta showcases those qualities and adds a subtle smokiness that highlights rather than overpowers. 

  • Sold in 1 lb packs, assorted shapes & sizes. 
  • 80% higher yield after cooking than conventional bacon due to the dry-curing process and lower water content.
  • Fully cured for 3 months, then smoked over applewood.
  • Can be eaten with or without cooking. We recommend cooking more lightly than you usually would bacon or pancetta. 
  • Ingredients: pork and sea salt.
  • No nitrates, nitrites, or substitutes. No sugar or added water.

Tamworths are historically known as ‘the bacon pig’ for their thick meaty bellies, excellent flavor, and golden fat. This meat is pasture-raised without antibiotics on Russ Kremer’s Ozark Mountain Farm and three others in Osage County, Missouri. His family has been selecting this red-haired threatened breed for three generations. LEARN MORE ABOUT RUSS