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Heritage Cinta Prosciutto

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Heritage Cinta Prosciutto
Heritage Cinta Prosciutto
Heritage Cinta Prosciutto
Heritage Cinta Prosciutto

Pork you won't find anywhere else 

Made from pork from the only herd of Tuscan Cinta heritage breed pigs in the United States. We love this pork for its creaminess and concentrated flavor. We recommend pairing this special edition prosciutto with fresh stone fruit, fresh cheeses, and your favorite bubbly. 

  • Only available online!
  • Sold sliced (2 oz)
  • Made with heritage Cinta breed pork raised in Iowa. 
  • Ingredients: pork & sea salt. No nitrites, nitrates, or substitutes.
  • Aged 10-12 months.
  • Shelf-stable.

ABOUT OUR CINTA IOWA PROGRAMThe pork for our Cinta prosciutto and salami comes from Curly Oak Farms, a partnership between Herb Eckhouse (of La Quercia) and Ken Kehrli, a heritage breed farmer in Northeast Iowa. Ken raises our Cinta pigs -- the only herd in the US. They descend from a herd of heritage breed Cinta Senese hogs brought over from Tuscany and Curly Oak is working to develop this special stock into a unique breed that will thrive in Iowa. This project is very much still in process, but the results so far have been delicious!