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Heritage Cinta Salami

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Heritage Cinta Salami
Heritage Cinta Salami
Heritage Cinta Salami

Unbelievably buttery with a creamy mouthfeel

This is truly special pork, sourced from the only herd of Cinta breed hogs in the US. These hogs descend from a herd of heritage Cinta Senese hogs brought over from Tuscany.  We're working in partnership with farmer Ken Curly to develop this stock into a unique breed that will thrive in Iowa. This project is very much still in process, but the results so far have been spectacular!

  • Sold in chubs (15-16 oz).
  • Made with heritage breed pork, raised humanely at Curly Oak Farm without the use of antibiotics. 
  • Ingredients: pork, sea salt, celery extract, dextrose, spices, lactic acid starter. 


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